Video Content Marketing

Supercharge your marketing strategy with tailored video content
at every stage of the buyer's journey

Video content marketing that effortlessly guides your leads down the funnel. Let us show you how.

Video Content Strategy

It all starts with a plan. Specifically, a strategy for using tailored video content at every stage of the funnel, built on in-depth research of your brand, goals, market and audience.

Video SEO

For establishing broad awareness and thought leadership, video SEO is key. We optimise your video content to rank for your most important keywords across Google and YouTube.

Content Repurposing

We believe in being efficient with content. By planning in advance we can decide how your videos will be repurposed — turned into transcripts, saved as brand graphics, and more.

Social Media Marketing

Video rules on social media, so we'd be crazy not to take advantage. We can edit your video content into shorter-form snippets ideal for sharing and seeding on social.

Video Advertising

Organic attention often needs a paid push. We're experts at setting up and managing video campaigns across numerous channels and ad formats.

Reporting & Optimisation

To do video content marketing well you need to be constantly monitoring and optimising. That's why we provide you video data, metrics, and suggestions for improvement.

What is video content marketing?

Video content marketing is about engaging your audience how, where & when they want to be engaged. It's about strategic video campaigns, rather than random, ad hoc projects. It's about integrating video across your marketing strategy to drive more profitable customer action.

It means creating video content that's useful, entertaining and interesting for your audience — to provide exactly what they need at every stage of their buyer's journey, from first touch to closed sale.

And it's what we do best.

Our content helps our clients succeed

"They pushed us to make our content as good as possible. Sometimes I think we come from the perspective of 'this is what we want to do and we just want you to do it', but Skeleton actually challenged us on our objectives and what we really wanted from video."

— Stephanie Marris , Marketing Manager , Experian

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The three stages of effective video content marketing


The backbone of successful video content marketing is strategy. That's why we don't skimp on the research or planning stages. We take the time to figure out exactly what you want to achieve and how we can get you there.

  • • Video content strategy
  • • Audience personas
  • • Competitor research
  • • Distribution plans


Producing multiple pieces of content is about being as efficient as possible without losing energy and inspiration. We handle the entire process, from scripting to special effects. And we always keep our passion for the craft front of mind.

  • • Creative storytelling
  • • Live-action video
  • • Animation
  • • Video templates & brand guidelines


Video content is only successful if it connects with your audience. We'll distribute your video content through the right channels and with the right tactics to ensure your viewers are engaged, inspired and compelled to act.

  • • Video SEO
  • • Video advertising
  • • Social media marketing
  • • YouTube optimisation

Our tried & tested approach

Business & Brand Workshop

We can't create incredible content for your brand without first getting to know you. We speak to key stakeholders in your business to get a feel for why you work and where you're going.

Audience Insights

Interviews, surveys, stopping people on the street. We do all we can to understand your target audience, what they truly care about, and how to split them into detailed buyer personas.

Video Content Opportunites

Internal content audits and external competitor analyses allow us to find gaps in the market you should fill and opportunities for you to destroy the competition.

Creative Development

The creative approach for your video content involves taking all the insights we've discovered so far, adding a dash of inspiration, and concocting a novel way to connect with your audience.

Efficient Content Plans

We believe in less rushing and more planning. So we create a comprehensive outline of what videos will be produced, by when, and through which processes — for maximum efficiency.

Distribution & Amplification

How you use video content affects everything, from format to length to style. That's why we plan upfront how and where your videos will be distributed to best reach your audience.

The video content marketing funnel

The funnel describes how leads move down the buyer's journey, from first finding out about your brand to choosing you over all competitors. Great video content marketing should use video to strengthen engagement and build loyalty at every stage.


Your potential customers have a problem or a need, and are just starting to research the issue. You should educate or entertain leads and make them familiar with your brand.


Now leads have clearly defined their problem and are finding out more about potential solutions. You should explain the benefits of your product or service.


Your potential customers have decided on a solution and are considering different providers. You should make it aesy for them to pick you by easing their final concerns.

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Video content through the funnel

Successful video content marketing means creating compelling content throughout the marketing funnel. We're experts at using video to engage, inspire and drive action in your audience, no matter their stage in the buyer's journey. Take a look at our latest work through the funnel.

Become a video master

Learn the foundations of creating better video with our Video Academy. For a quick taster, watch the lesson below that covers the basics of the video content marketing funnel and how to use video content at each stage to fire up your sales and marketing. You can view more videos and sign-up for the whole academy below.


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