The Extension of Creative Works

Working in the Creative industry requires one to have multiple skills, even if the skills are not related to your line of work. As a VFX artist, having skills in heavy works, handworks, and woodworks does have a benefit to the company you’re in. In this article we will be discussing the important of other skills in the Creative Industry.

Having heavy works skills is important when there are some works on the set that required to be made custom using power tools and raw material. In this week, I have to make all the physical prop; manually, by hand. The hardest prop to be made by this week is the stand-alone working door, ala Doraemon’s Go Anywhere Door. This does require me to survey the Hardware store nearby to allocate all the raw material, such as the metal door frame, and the wooden door. The next challenge is how to make the metal frame door to stand by itself. This led me to a solution that is riveting multiple angle metal bracer onto the metal frame itself. This however does increase the cost for this project as we need to buy the necessary tools for the job; a rivet gun and the rivet nail.

Hand works skills is useful when there is some work that require you to use your hand. Most of the props are required to be painted white, and you need to do it by hand. Using a multiple can of spray paint, I applied the paint gently and thinly as the base coat. Multiple coat is needed to reach a clean finish of the final product.

Prepared by,
Qamarul Syahmi
Senior Video Editor / VFX Artist

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