How to explode your video views?

Did you know, in 2017, 85% of netizen watch videos in facebook with sound muted?

Did you know, in 2017, 73% marketing company start using video as basic number 1 tool for marketing purposes?

Did you know, later in 2019, videos viewers on internet will expected to increased up to 80%.

Did you know, most international viral videos have these secrets;

10 second attention grabber.

• Comical element.

• Romance, relationship or any issues related to women.

• Relatable to netizen life.

These are 4 elements that must be included for your video to go viral!

That is why video is an effective medium to make your product or branding well known. But with no firm strategy and marketing's strategy, it will be a liability to you as a business owner.

But don't worry! MTAS Production have a solid stratergy and planning to make your products, services and branding to be always at the top of your audiences's minds.


Is it true audience are more likely to watch video? Yes.

Does any video can do the trick as long as it is a video? No!

Everything depends on CONTENT!

Good content can help your video to go further, to gain higher engagement and to help business to reach more viewers.

We have expertise in delivering good contents with right storytelling elements. That will always be our number 1 priority together with cinematic element which will give you a feeling as if you are in a cinema!


Videos with good content but not with good marketing strategy, can lead to big loss for business owner.

Some companies have to spend a lot to hire a video production and another separate budget to hire marketing agency in order to make sure that the video can reach to the target audience.

With MTAS, there will be no such worry! We serve good marketing stratergy which have been included together with our video service.

With more than 67 clients, together with our expertise in managing video marketing of more than 197 videos, we have successfully gain more than 106.4 million views.


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