Premium content must be mixed with cinematic element.

Video is a good and effective medium in delivering message. However, a video with a bad quality most likely to give vague message and audience might fail to understand the video content. In this case, we need strong knowledge and experience to create impactful content.


What Makes Us Different?

[1] MTAS Production put a quality of a video under a great supervision, from script writing, editing, until marketing phases.

[2] Good script makes a great story. We have expertise in technical part and we use high end equipments that par with international and Hollywood videos in order to produce high impact video.

[3] We include Visual Effects element in our video editing and we personally choose good musics to blend well with the story.

[4] Video marketing will be conducted according to client's target audience with a reasonable budget.

[5] MTAS Production also have 22 staff member committed in producing a great video for our client including Management department, HR, Sales, Marketing, Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production.

If these 5 pillars in our process does not meet the target that we promised, we will provide 30% money-back warranty.


Brand Awareness Video

To present a video content through storytelling that could grab audiences's attention to learn about the brand, services and product

Brand awareness video is important and effective to help companies to present the brand, services and product to your audience.

In addition to present your brand, services or products, internet viewers usually end up buying or interested to use the service or product from the video that comes to them consistently since it really help to gain their trusts.

To keep the brand awareness video's momentum efficient for people to always remember the brand, it is advisable to produce 1 video per month or per two to three months consistently.


Promotional Videos

To share about values, services and products to targeted audience

Promotional video is a video that is created for targeted audience directly to present our services or products that we produced. Impactful promotion videos are;

Pain - A story about problem that client have.

Gain - An offer that we have to solve clients problem.

Fear - Managing clients unpleasant feeling towards our services or products.

Hope - Give warranty and quality services or products to our clients.

Testimony - With client satisfaction for our services or products can give confidence to potential clients.

Good video content and good understanding of service and product in promotional video can help in creating conversion rates together with consistent marketing.


Corporate Video

To present a story about your company through premium-stunning-presentation

Corporate video is a video content that present a story about your company. Corporate video can help your company to attract attention of intern, staff and new team member to join your company. Potential customers or clients could be attracted towards your services or products. Who knows, this video might grab potential investor for your company in future.


What's next?