For video production to flow with consistency in video styling and effective brand awareness.

Video is a mainstream media we used daily as social media user like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and many more. just scroll down, we will stumble upon many videos, pictures we would like to stop and watch, and copywriting will be the last thing that we care about.

Each video has its own unique ways of presentation and delivery. When there is no efficiency and consistency in delivering video according to its company's branding, viewers might fail to understand the message that the company is trying to portray.

So we will share how to set Video Brand Guidelines so that your video will be parallel with your company branding.




How we want our audience to recognize your style? If you choose comedy genre, what kind of comedy you want? Exclusive comedy? Amture comedy? Emotional comedy?

Not necessary all video must be in comedy genre, you can try other genre too. Comedy is a mainstream genre people like to choose, so audience will recognize your company from that comedy genre.



Every video production has its own standard color-grading that will be used with other videos also.

Like for example Transformers movie series from the first until latest release, it has its own color-grading. With this consistency in color-grading, audience will recognize that kind of color as its identity.

So, your video should have consistency in color grading.



In context of marketing, language will play a big role to grab your audience attention to recognize your company existance.

So choose your way of language wisely and make sure to use it consistently. It is okay to use ‘rojak’ language, as long as your marketing team approve it.



Logo? Just put a logo in the video then that's it? No! Logo must be placed according to your preference and do it consistently in other videos.

You can put the logo on upper corner side of the video for the whole video. You also can put the logo in the end of the video.

Put it anywhere as long as you keep it consistent. So that the logo placement will be seeded in the audiences's minds.



Do you want people to recognize your company in a funky way? Then, the design or motion graphic should be made in a more comical and funnier style.

Do you want people to recognize and look your company as a corporate style? Then, the design or motion graphics should be made more subtle, formal and smart.



When we watch Doraemon anime series, we would automatically play the opening song in mind right?

When we heard Marabahaya song, then we can imagine what film used it as themed song right?

Just like when we watch Domino's commercial, we would miming the call to action's song right?

Music also important as a subconscious element for our audiences and we must have our own signature sound for our video as part of branding.

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