‘Save Me’ by Ismail Izzani – Art Concept

We are done for ‘Save Me’ by Ismail Izzani, another short film for his upcoming single. Also another hard work for all of us, MTAS Production team.

Concept draft by Azme Rahmat

For this video production, we are adapting conceptual from a full action movie, John Wick. It is a lot of process to get there. It need detail ideation in every element for set design, make up, props and so on. After studying the script and few discussion with director, the main setting for this video production project will be 1920s American Gangster. On my first thought on this, wardrobe will be easy to fit in but the most element needed to be fulfilled is the whole set.

Just what we wanted with this art direction
Old Mercedes with perfect colour for production design.

On this video production project, we need to find a few classic cars. Thank you to our followers which help us to reach @backwheelbitches for the cars. Else, the wardrobe game in this art direction.

What I inspired for gangsters

What I've done to the gangsters (half of them)

This is cool for me because I am sure can deliver the wardrobe job. Only it became a problem when our client response after saw the draft, “this is too much”. Eh? Sorry, ‘mush’  is what only I can give.

Since client wanted a simple look, so I give the simple black t-shirts, black pants and masks as extra accessories. What theme I have to use then? Wanna see it? You can check the full video below:

Thank god, on last minute, our director successfully to convinced our client to use my propose wardrobe which perfectly compo on gangster but only it can be used on another scene. So we can use same talent but in different scene.

Wardrobe is not an easy task. As art director I have to know which style suits the story, which colour to used so it will help colour editing in post production and I have to know how to play around with set, props etc.

Client still wanted to use ‘potong rumput’ mask which finally I decided to remove all hats because after I try to match it both, it will ruins the total look! Sadly have to say goodbye to those classic hat.

How I set up for Ismail Izzani.

Tips wardrobe
Always keep extra pin! In case wardrobe too loose for talent, use pin to make the wardrobe fit on talent.

For this video production, Director wanted a character which look like Namron. So I have to make up our Abang Behind The Scene to look like Namron specially  the hair part. That time I was like, how to make him look like Namron with bit grey on some specific facial effect on set? The hair part, Namron has its own curly hair, not straight, but like a wave a bit. How?

After settle shooting, Director came to me and said Producer did not approve the scene which the character Namron look alike involve. I do not know how to tell what I felt on that moment. Argh!

Thanks to our Prop Master, QamaQama which our powerful VFX Artist for this items.

Most of the set in this video production project was simple and minimal except the Namron character set. The set detailing required a full attention so that fit with Director needs, but in the end that scen was cut out from the final video. Argh!

This is the raining scene I help in this video production project which contribute to a hard time in post production for editing team because of rain drop inconsistency. Sorry team, this is my fault, not client. Eh?

Prepared by,
Justin Rahman
Art Director

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