Organizing A Huge VFX Workflow

After all the hard work I’ve done on set for this video production MV project, I was greeted with the massive pile of VFX work to be done. About 109 VFX shot needed to be done in the span of 6 working days; that’s approximately 18 VFX shot per day without including polishing, blending, and final compositing. 3D VFX shot took around 50% of the entire video. I needed to do 20 VFX shot per day to compensate for the final compositing. This is completely insane even within the industry standard, and without proper organizing, all hell will break loose.

Inspired by the Visual Effects giant from YouTube; Corridor Digital, I’ve devised a VFX spreadsheet to track down all the VFX in this project. In the content table I’ve included Scene, Shot, Shot Name, VFX Scope, Description, Composition, Footage, etc. as shown in table below:

With the deadline approaching, all VFX works are according to planned timeline. With each day completing 20 VFX shot; not to mention that majority of it is a 3D CGI, I’d say this insane VFX-heavy MV project is doable. And to not waste my time any further writing this article instead of making my VFX works, I’ll include the link to my VFX spreadsheet, if you do so inclined to check it:

Sample VFX Spreadsheet

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Qamarul Syahmi
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