New Instagram Template Experiment 2019

Here’s an update of the Instagram page on December 2018.



Hence, of what I can concluded was we’ve manage to have 18.8K Followers on November till December. While 14.8K in last October till November. We probably didn’t hit the 100K mark, but I think it’s a good start for next year. Because our follower is pretty much organic.

I’m going to make a new template after we hit 100K mark. And It will be something like this:


Pros on doing this new template is good and eye pleasing Instagram page.
Cons on doing this is we might  won’t get 18.8K followers anymore due to less amount of short vid.


I’ve been thinking about making some games for the audience. So that we interact more with them. So it doesn’t seem like the page is dying. I know how the daily update helped in Facebook, Youtube and Instagram. But I still think posting video in Twitter is not the right medium.  I do not have a twitter nor do I have the knowledge for twitter.

But I do know that twitter seems to be effective in a literature content. Twitter has known for it’s ranting abilities. And retweeted famous quotes or screenshot quotes from a random person and posting it as our own. I still don’t get how twitter works. But I do know that video or meme video or even gif related to meme are not working there.

Because each and every media social have their own mindset and if it doesn’t fit in then it won’t fit in.As for the new template in Instagram, we’ll see how it goes.


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Prepared by,
Nor Azme
Director of Photography

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