Let’s Make a Set! Jom!

My brain and me are decided to use creativity for video production sets out of the blue! Maybe it’s because I kept on browsing good looking design in Pinterest. I always wanted to make sets by build a temporary sets with wood craftsmen. I guess we will start with the easy sets.

These are the samples of color that I’m stumbled upon:


An easy Blue and yellow themed


Thus, I turn it into 2 sets:


Above is Set one and below is Set two.

The only things I bought to made the sets:

  • Jersey fabric
  • Spray paint (yellow candy and pink)

That’s it. Mix and match with what we had in our props collection. Voila!

If I don’t try it, I will never know it is really easy and fun to experimenting on sets making. Do try it on your own with minimal cost before bigger expense. Have fun! Till next post.

Prepared by,
Nor Azme
Director of Photography

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