“How about you make meme?”


“Yeah, I saw it and it is pretty effective. Everyone likes meme.”

“Make sense. I guess?”

I decided to see MTAS Production Instagram posts and just realized what Justin said was utterly not nonsense. He was actually true. Dead end true on how terribly unorganized it was. How are we going to attract people to see our content if we do not provide an easy route for them to click on.

The posts on right side isn’t as clean as what I wanted but it’s a good start compared to previous on right side.
Maybe this year I can do better? Maybe.

I always believed that as long as you’re active in posting in Instagram you’ll get a reasonable amount of followers due your active presence. I know that because I do post comics frequently before and do get a good amount of followers. But due to my inactive posting, I may have lost and my followers became stagnant. Do know that Instagram is not the same as Facebook and Facebook is not the same as twitter. Each and every audience in these social media are not the same.

I’m still figuring it out on what kind of content should be posted on Instagram. Nonetheless it will be actually fun if we hit 100K just because of this. But due to my lateness of realization, even if we didn’t hit 100K last year. I’ll try my best for this year.

So, follow us on instagram:

Prepared by,
Nor Azme
Director of Photography

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