Ignorance Is Bliss

About the meme last week, I decided to postpone that and make this instead. A very long and vengeful thing but I doubt this will ever be posted in the article.


“Azme, I have something to show you. Hm.” Says the Director.

“Show me what?”. I replied.

“Let me show her, I think it is proper that way.” Says the Director’s wife.


Seems kinda serious, but I was too busy thinking about our shooting.

- - - - -

After awhile, when we’re in a restaurant with all MTAS staff. This is how company do when they wanted to show gratitude to the staff for their hard work by ‘belanja makan’.

But my excitement was disturbed by a text from our ex-staff. It was sent to the Director’s phone in WhatsApp. The Director’s wife showed me the text and said she was sorry that this have to be happened to me.

It was clearly a threatening text with a screenshot of my face in a vulgar Telegram group of fetishes of man with Malay woman with scarves. It was a meme, but an 18+ meme. Where there was my picture, a close up of my face doing a weird face, with a harsh caption.

I was posted that picture in 2016. After a month I decided to delete it. And it seem someone was literally stalking me and tried so hard to humiliate me. This is so outrageous.


“Ha. Ha. Ha.” I responded.

“Are you okay?” Asked the Director’s wife.

“Nah, I’m fine. Let just continue our celebration!”. I replied.


By the way, thank you for all of your abusive words and cuss towards me. Without it, I would probably will never do all this effort for my carrier. I have never question why God put me in this kind of situation.

I only know that everything are happen to me for the greater good. And I will always pray that one day you’ll awaken and realize your mistake and change to be a better person.

Just because of this tiny matter like this happened, it won’t stop me from learning more and more!

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Prepared by,
Nor Azme
Director of Photography

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