How It’s Like Being a Production Manager.


Problem solving & decision making

Working in a short due date with a tight budget can be very tricky. Unexpected things can happen anytime on set. It's important to know how to solve an issue in such a quick time.

Making the best decision sometimes can be very confusing. Every solution has its pros and cons. But at the end, choose the one that most effective solution and it doesn't mean that you have to please everyone.



There will be times that you have to handle more than a project. Ability to handle multiple tasks in multiple projects is important so that every project can runs smoothly.



Working as a production manager requires to work with a lot of people. You'll be working with a lot of departments, talent, and other organisation as well. Knowing how to communicate can save a lot of time and trouble during on set. So make sure to be more specific, precise and clear.

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Production Manager

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