Get Your Visual With Art Direction

Spend some time to realise that art direction also serves a bigger purpose than just making your film look cinematic, it will help to tell the story.

01 | Conceptualize

Look at the big picture. Think holistically. Create a blueprint on how you want your film to feel. Preparation is key!


02 | Use Your Imagination

Make things interesting to look at! Good lighting will augment any scene when constructed, thought-out, and dressed properly.


03 | Create Mood

Set the tone by using coherent color palettes to express an emotion, style, or feeling. Also, don’t skimp on props.


04 | Theme

People often forget that it’s the art department that creates the visual components that make a set look more cinematic or filmic.

And focusing on these point to taking care your visual to get better story for your audiences (especially on low budget).


01 | Costume design

The scientist look -get all the detail from the spec, colour of lab coat also texture of the garment.


02 | Set design

Rumah kampung -The dull colour, texture of the cushion, printed etc.


03 | Props

Old handbag -back from 90’s.

Prepared by,
Justin Rahman
Art Director

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