Do Not Buy! Wardrobe Loaning, Stylist And Wardrobe Issue

If you are involving in small video production company, this article might be the best guide to help you to solve on issue of working with low budget and lack of the amount of wardrobe.

But first, always get some knowledge the usage and effectiveness of the wardrobe loaning towards the project. As most local retail businesses in Malaysia are rapidly growth, same goes on their marketing knowledge and skill as well. Some of them are very strict and firm to featured their wardrobe in any film/video production. What they all wanted the most are credit. So, try to approach them nicely.

Offering commercialization angle in your video production are important in this matter. It will help you to find suitable wardrobe and solve your need on what to put thus help where to loan. Don’t put so much expectation if you are just try to make a home-video-budget but demanded a high-end-brand for your wardrobe. Afraid you will be heartbroken when being rejected.

So, do find a suitable brand with your budget. As MTAS Production is a video production company which  are the storytelling video expert, we are offering social media commercial and advertising on most our video. This is our most advantage in dealing with sponsorship for our video.

Just don’t aim for expensive and exclusive brand only. Most brands/businesses in fashion line are preferred to use magazine/newspaper for their fashion awareness medium. They are not just wanted to appear in some video production unless you offering a good storyboard with concept towards fashion.

Fashion shot or beauty shot of the wardrobe sometime have to taken seriously when you are doing wardrobe loaning for your video production. Other than that, make sure the wardrobe fly well. This is the part where the stylist should know better how to put a wardrobe on their talent nice and fit.

Or else...

Our Production Manager in ‘Bila Perempuan Jadi CSI Be Like...’

Human psychology  and detailing of wardrobe somehow very connected in this field. With simple additional or alteration in styling, will give a beautiful flow of your wardrobe. It can be so ugly when you are try to put Prada on someone, but others might be claim it is a Padini as you are fail to fit the wardrobe with situation.

Another benefit through wardrobe loaning is you can get a good networking with the brand, designer, organization involve and also can help on your company branding. Like our recently music video production with As’ad Motawh, we were invited by Uncommon Official for the first launch of Vibrate Malaysia Official.

I’m wearing Kitwoo from SS19 KLFW 2018 ‘Re-Fraction’ and As’ad in Vibrate.

That’s all from me. I hope it does give you a glance on how we are working on wardrobe. So, till next time.

Prepared by,
Justin Rahman
Art Director

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