Challenges As A Production Manager

Few months ago i met my teacher Aiman Azlan for some discussion. Then he asked what's the challenges being a production manager?

So far working in this video production industry for 2 years, there are few things that i always face but still can be considered as challenging. It's due date, budget and communication. Just because it's the same thing doesn't mean the situation will always be the same.

Like I mentioned before in my previous article, working in a short due date with tight budget can be very tricky. When you want to cut cost you need some time. But what if you don't have much time? Well what I always do is think and list down any possible solutions as much as I can. Sometimes you don't know which one is the best solution so you'll have to try and error. If the solution doesn't work, move on to the next one. Believe that there is always a solution for a problem.

For communication, never take easy for this part. You'll never imagine how mess it would become if miscommunication happen. Always communicate with the party you're dealing with. Ask if there's unclear agenda and avoid misunderstanding no matter how small it may seem. The more you communicate, the easier things will be, the more things you will learn, the more experience you can get.

Often communication related to confidence. No matter how frequent I work and communicate with new people, as an introvert, there are always time that I still feel nervous and lack of confidence. Especially when I have to deal with some big company or organisation. Well there is no way I can avoid that feeling but I can always control it. That's what Aiman Azlan always taught me.

Above all, that's just what challenge is. To challenge yourself and go for another level. Don't worry about it. There's always room for improvement. Keep on learning. Remember with hardships, there an ease. Chin up, buttercup!

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Nur Sarah
Production Manager

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