Before 3, 2, 1… Action! – Filming Location

In video production you can have all technical skills but without a proper preparation and filming location, it gets you nowhere. There's no film or movie that doesn't requires a filming set unless you create it by using green screen.

Usually video production location might involves individual, government or private sector. When entering other people premises or places of course permission is needed and that means you have to go through some procedures.

Here are the list of filming set based on categories:

  • Individual
    House, homestay, shop, restaurant etc.
  • Government
    Hsually public places e.g., road, school, university, hospital, etc.
  • Private
    Hotel, studio, private school or hospital, office, shopping mall etc.

For places like house or homestay you may just simply ask permission from the owner. But if it involves government or private sector such as road, school etc., this is where you need soft skills more than technical skills.

A formal approach is necessary during this process. Most of the time, places that involve government and private sector need a formal letter from you.

Different organisation have different procedures and approaches. So you need to ask the details from the person involves. Make an early preparation because sometime it might take few weeks or months to get a feedback. Some places has rental fee so negotiation skills is another skill that really needed for this task.

I hope you get something from this entry. So, till next time!

Prepared by,
Nur Sarah
Production Manager

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