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Video production is not only about camera, lighting, compositing and editing. Often people forget about the production planning and preparation. Having knowledge about video production technicals stuff is important but what is the point if you do not have talent, location and schedule?

There is a lot of of preparation you have to do before the production phase begins. Even if you have the best script ever but if you cannot find a talent that fits the role in the script, you would not be able to deliver the message you try to build  in the video to your audience.

Can you imagine what happen if all the casts of Avengers - Infinity War fail to put emotion in their acts and lack of face expression? Of course the movie would not be a successful movie. That is why selecting for the right person for a script is not an easy task.

Here are few things you can cross checking to make sure you are recruiting the right talent for your video production project:

[01] Casting Give the script to the candidate and request a mock video casting.
[02] Emotion Ask them to do different emotions based on the script. It is better to not telling them which part of the script they have to act.
[03] Intonation
Based on the video, check thier intonation.
[04] Expression
Face expression is important. If the script requires the cast to cry, find someone who really can cry. Sounds easy but it is not.
[05] Director
Always discuss with the director because he might have a specific characteristics for the role.

Keep doing this 5 basic steps every time you do video production project. It will help you to get a better quality talent for your video production from time to time.

Prepared by,
Nur Sarah
Production Manager

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